Ideas / Pitches / Mockups

My education and job makes it hard not to think creative and these are ideas, pitches and mockups for different types of companies and use

Idea for an AIAIAI print (simple) ad.

The simple design of the headphones combined with a little typography design in form a kind of an alien.

“PSSST! Der er skygge i centret!”. A local adshell combined with a guerilla campaign to encourage people to visit the shoppingcenter during summertime.

The sun drops a shadow of the foil in front of people sitting in the busshelter or walking by, both to get reminded of the sun and Nørrebro Bycenter.

"Dit tog afgår om 1 kaffes tid". A MBIA (Monitor Based Interactive Advertising) campaign for Rejseplanen and 7-11. Scroll through depatures and see the time for your train to departure measeured in the time you have left to buy and consume selected items from 7-11's selection.

"I tilfælde af langsomt Internet..." Poster for Telia 4G. Can also be used as an interactive poster or as a guerilla campaign.

“Bruised Mona Lisa”. An idea for moving company 3x34.

Can be used as a half page unit, adshell or Internet banner.

"Fjern duggen...og se hvad der gør din sommer lidt grønnere!". Wipe away the steam. An interactive (touch)poster idea for Tuborg to kickstart the spring and summer.

“Shade’s Good For You”. To promote Ray-Ban Wayfarer and focus on the harmful effect the sun can have on your skin.

"I dag er det en reklame - i morgen er det en skoletaske i Afrika". Billboard/Internet/bus/retail commercial idea for Unicef Denmark.

“Durex”. Minimalistic ad for condom brand Durex. Can be used as halfpage unit ad, poster, Internet banner, abribus, etc.

Photo by Jannick Børlum

"Interactive real estate ads". An idea for the real estate business to let go of the printed ads in their windows and on the long term minimize costs by making their shop interactive with touchscreens. Scroll through real estate ads and send to your E-mail or require for a sales assessment.

Montana Real Time Cover Image. Interactive Facebook Page. Follow live from the production.

“Mælke-skæg”. An idea for Arla to donate money to Movember and prostate cancer. Gives women a chance to support the issue and Arla branding plus goodwill.

The media is MBIA (Monitorbased Interactive Advertising) and is to set up in a mall or other public places filled with already motivated and engaged people

Ambient/guerilla idea for the yearly covering of Tour de France by the Danish television company Tv2.

Can be legally done (permitted by the municipality) and expanded to other urban medias.

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